Youth Ministry

New on site (5) It got crazy that night! Messy obstacle course.

Wow, things got a little crazy!

IMG_6755 Youth Trip 2015: Kentucky

Our goal for OBC's Youth Group is not to entertain or simply be a "cool" thing to do; we want to train the next generation of believers for service and fellowship within God's church. As such, our Sunday School lessons as well as our Bible Studies seek to provide a deep theological understanding for the young people of our church. As an example, our current Sunday School series is based in hermeneutics, the proper study and interpretation of God's Word. However, there's still time for plenty of fun! Go-Kart racing, rock climbing, swimming, camping, and ATV riding are just the tip of the iceberg! 

IMG_6842 Ghostly figures in front of SBTS...just joking, it's our Youth Group!

Over the last few years, God has grown our Youth Ministry in number, and in Spiritual Maturity. We pray that this pattern continues, and that all involved will be able to enjoy the blessings of growing closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. 

New on site (2) Sometimes we even bring the Pastor..if he promises to behave.

We enjoy the fellowship and growth that has been allowed us here at OBC. If you are interested in the Youth Group or their activities, Johnathan will be more than happy to help.